Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Day in My Life

One of the blogs I read is doing a day in the life link up and I thought, hey that's something I can do that doesn't require any pictures so I don't have to be at my laptop.  My poor laptop has been super neglected since my boss decided we needed iPads for work.  So here you go:

6:20--My first alarm on my phone goes off.  I used to pretend that I actually got up when this happened but now I'm more honest with myself and really this alarm just wakes me up.  I use this time to wake up slowly, pray or fall back asleep. 

6:40--My alarm clock starts going off.  This is (sort of) my actual cue to get out of bed.  What actually happens is that by now, Alex's two alarms have gone off.  If he gets up with his alarm, then I get out of bed halfway through his shower so I can take a shower when he is done.  Sometimes if he was slow getting out of bed and needs to shave, I will shower first because I can get my whole shower in before he is done shaving. 

7:00--On a good morning I am out of the shower by now.  If its a late morning I'm just getting in the shower.  Then I get dressed, do my hair (which means I brush it and put mousse in it) and wipe down the sink and toilet in the master bath.  Then I move to our guest bath to do my make-up and wipe down the sink and toilet in there.  Wiping down the bathrooms takes two seconds in the morning and means that if we have unexpected company the bathrooms aren't gross.

7:15-7:45--Breakfast gets made by whoever got to the kitchen first, we pack our lunches and coffee/drinks for the day (I take two water bottles to work with me plus whatever I am drinking that morning) and if we have time eat breakfast and watch the news.  If not breakfasts get packed up to take to work.  If by some miracle I have extra time I will pick up or switch laundry or something like that.  Then I make sure I have my stuff for the day and head out a few minutes after Alex.

8:00-4:30--Work.  I work at a tiny law firm so what I do every day varies a lot.  Sometimes it is research, sometimes writing a memo or drafting pleadings, sometimes I go to court or do a million other things.

4:30--Leave work.  Here is where things get interesting.  If I am going straight home it only takes me 15 or 20 minutes depending on traffic.  Sometimes I will run an errand or go to the gym on my way home.  If we are having dinner at home I will start cooking when I get home and usually put on some trashy TV and empty the dishwasher/deal with laundry until Alex gets home a little before 6. Then we eat and he cleans up the dishes (whoever does not cook cleans up).  Then we will either run errands or maybe hang out at home and watch TV or go to they gym together if neither of us has been yet that day. 

If something is going on that night, like we plan on going out to dinner or to a game or something, I will usually go straight home and try to get a couple of things done around the house while I wait for Alex.

11:00--Bedtime, although lately we have been watching an episode of Game of Thrones while we lay in bed so we don't turn the TV off until later.

Weekends are a whole 'nother ball game.  Pretty much there is no normal weekend for us.  Last Sunday included tailgating, Chiefs game, batting practice for Alex and two-year-old wrangling for me, dinner at Pizza Street (not a good idea) then chilling at home.  Last Saturday I got my oil changed then we went to brunch/lunch and then zoo and met up with some people to watch the Mizzou game and hang out.  Last Friday night Alex was helping his dad with a boyscout thing so I got to relax and home and enjoy the quiet.

So there you have it, a day in my life.  It isn't much, but its where I am right now.  Ask me again in a few months and who knows what it will be like.  That's the great thing about life, I guess.