Monday, March 10, 2014

28 Goals

When I realized a little while before my birthday that I would be turning 28 this year, I felt old.  I know that 28 isn't really that old, but when you are turning 28 it feels that way.  I originally had this plan that I would get my life together this year and blog about it.  Then I realized that would be too much work.  I figured I would leave my life in its slightly shabby but pretty great state and just focus on a few goals.  Some of them are fun, some are big kid stuff that needs to be done and all of them are things I want to do.  Some of them are blog worthy and others are kinda boring, but I thought I would share the list.  Here you go:

1. Read 28 books
2. List to 28 audio books
3. Run a 5k {run the whole thing}
4. Lose 40 pounds
5. Host a girls craft night or cookie exchange
6. Finish 28 in progress projects
7. Complete 2014 Project Life album
8. Do 3 Bible studies
9. Read/listen to the Bible
10. Make a long term financial plan
11. Eliminate paper clutter
12. Plant flowers in the front of the house
13. 52 week savings plan for Christmas
14. Blog twice a week
15. Finish unpacking
16. Decorate the guest room
17. Look for a new job
18. Donate to a different charity every month
19. Create a housework routine
20. Walk the dogs at least twice a week
21. Donate blood
22. Make and give away 28 things
23. Read/complete 3 self improvement books
24. Make eating a fruit or veggie at every meal a habit
25. Always send thank you notes
26. Clean out my craft room so everything can be put away
27. Learn to shoot my camera in manual
28. Plan two fun dates every month